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"GANGFAT" is diversified development company.

We are providing professional services, production, OEM/ODM, manufacturing, wholesale and import/export.

"GANGFAT" Exclusively for the production of all types of customers to provide secure, high quality, professional sales and other services. Either from simple parts to sell, or valet processing, and production of various types of products, we have experienced team and technicians, provide quality products and expertise services, Create a win-win situation.


我司提供專業的OEM / ODM生產、服務、批發 及 進出口。



We have factories in Taiwan, China.

We produce different products and agents others.

Our product have motors, super capacitors, massage chairs, also provide diversified services.

我司在 台灣 及 中國 設有工廠。

我司生產各類產品 : AC/DC馬達、有刷/無刷馬達、異步馬達、減速馬達、微型馬達等,可進口國內及出口外國;

亦有工廠生產按摩產品 : 按摩椅,多為出口美國、日本、加拿大。

我司亦有代理NEC/TOKIN、Panasonic、Korchip 的超級電容品 ;代理韓國SMS異步馬達 ;代理 日本萬寶至馬達等。


Our Business philosophy (經營理念) :

1) Sales high level products (高品質產品)
2) High-quality processing (高品質加工)
3) Excellent supporting services (良好的服務配套)
4) The professional technical support (專業技術支持)

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